Recommended reading


Main influences: In movement my main influences are Ido Portal and Elliott Hulse, in silence they are Charles Eisenstein and Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Strength (Gymnastics and Weightlifting)
Charles Poliquin->Poliquin Principles, Modern Trends in Strength Training, Fundamentals of Designing a Relative Strength Training Programs, Foundations of Periodization & Program Design; articles on Chinese Elements and periodization.
Coach Christopher Sommer->Building the Gymnastics Bodies, Foundation courses, Handstand 2, Rings 1.
Candito Training HQ->His free training programs + youtube videos
Elliott Hulse->The Grow Stronger Method, Advanced Neuromuscular Strength Course and his youtube videos.
Ido Portal->His facebook, instagram, youtube and old blog post.
Pavel Tsatsouline->Enter the Kettlebell and Power to the People!
Dan John->Easy Strength, Now what? articles on minimalism and compilation of lectures.
John Brookfield->Mastery of Hand Strength.

Jim Wendler->5/3/1

Greg Everett->Olympic Weightlifting for Sports.
GMB->Paralletes and Rings programs.
Steven Low->Overcoming Gravity.

Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky->Science and practice of strength training.

George Leeman->P.R.O.M. Deadlift program.
Mark Rippertoe->Starting Strength.
Jim Bathurst->Beatskills site.
Kit Laughlin->Stretching and flexibility; Master the squat, shoulder flexibility, pike, pancake and back bend courses; and Overcome Neck & Back Pain.
Thomas Kurz->Stretching Scientifically, Flexibility Express and Secrets of Stretching.
Pavel Tsatsouline->Relax into Stretch and Loaded Stretching.
GMB->Focused Flexibility.
GB->Stretch series.
Emmet Louis->Youtube videos.

Jujimufu->Legendary flexibility

Joint health (Rehab/prehab)
Elliott Hulse->Muscle virus solution.
Kelly Starrett->Becoming a Supple Leopard.
Thomas Myers->Anatomy Trains.
Frank H. Netter->Atlas of Human Anatomy.

Andrew Biel->Trail guide to the body

Dick Hartzell->Don’t ice that ankle sprain!
Pavel Tsatsouline->Super joints.
Movement (Equilibre, Acrobatics and Locomotion)
Ido Portal->His facebook, instagram, youtube and old blog post.
Yuri Marmerstein->Balance the equation.
Yuval Ayalon->Instagram account.
Bruce Lee->The art of expressing the human body.
Tom Weksler->Youtube channel.

Jon Yuen->Instagram, Youtube and Blog posts.

GMB->Vitamin and Floor course.
GB->Movement course.
Paul Chek->Movement that matters.
Rodolfo Llinás->I of the Vortex.
Pillars (posture, nutrition and rest)
Elliot Hulse->Advanced Physiological Strength course, Anabolic energizers, 7 strategies for an stronger nervous system, Superior program design
Vladimir Janda->Assessment and treatment of muscular imbalances.
Florence Kendall->Muscles testing and function.
Robb Wolf->The paleo solution.

Gray Cook->Movement.

Paul Chek->How to eat, move and be healthy; Healing fungal infections, Scientific back training and Scientific core training.
Weston Price->Nutritional and physical degeneration.
Loren Cordain->The paleo diet.
David Berceli->The revolutionary trauma release process.
Dr. Edward Howell->Enzyme nutrition.
Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale->The Anabolic diet, The metabolic diet, Amino acids and Proteins for the Athletes.
Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming->Qi Gong meditation.
Mantak Chia->The multiorgasmic man.
Wim Hof->Becoming the Ice Man.
Wilheim Reich->Character Analysis.

Charles Kelley->Neo-Reichian Psychology

Alexander Lowen->The language of the body, The way to vibrant health.
Sean Croxton->The dark side of fat loss.
David Asprey->The bulletproof diet.
Michio Kushi->The macrobiotic way.
Michael Pollan->The Omnivore’s dilemma.

Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn->Cowspiracy

Harvey Levenstein->Fear of food.
Ionna Teeguarden->A complete guide to acupressure
Charles Poliquin->Articles on Biosignature Modulation and supplementation.

William D. McArdle->Exercise physiology: Energy, nutrition and human performance

Lee parore->Power posture.
Elson M. Haas->Staying healthy with the seasons.
Rob Faigin->Natural Hormonal enhancement.
Peter Levine->In an unspoken voice
Roger Williams->Biochemical Individuality.
William L. Wolcott->The metabolic typing diet.
Bessel Van der Kolk->The body keeps the score.
Charles Eisenstein->The yoga of eating.
Lilian Verner Bonds->The book of healing through colors.
Genevieve Lewis Paulson->Kundalini and the chakras.

Peggy Mason->Understanding the Brain: The neurobiology of everyday life (coursera)

Robert Schelip->Training principles for Fascial connective tissues, Fascia in sports and movement.

Thomas Myers->Body reading; Structural Integration & Bodywork; The physiology of emotional release; Unfolding evolution; Embryology of fascia; How fascia moves.

Art Riggs->Deep tissue massage

Extra: My top 6 books on other topics
Jiddu Krishnamurti->The first and last freedom.
Charles Eisenstein->The ascent of humanity.
Friedrich Nietzsche->Thus spoke Zarathustra.
Milan Kundera->The unbearable lightness of being.
Julio Cortazar->Rayuela.

Elliott Hulse->King

Michel Foucault->Discipline and punish

Kinema Project products

Pliable body (Get flexible fast!)

The Dynamic Structure (Bulletproof your joints!)


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