We work very hard on making all our products with great quality. Besides putting the initial effort to make them as comprehensive as possible, we believe some degree of flexibility is necessary, which is why we offer support through a wiki you have access anytime you buy something from us. We really try making everything possible in order for this to have a positive effect on your life.

Nevertheless, we understand sometimes it just wasn’t what you were looking for. Therefore, we offer a 100% refund, given these conditions are present:

  • The request must be made on the 30 days period after you bought the program. We consider this is reasonable time for you to have a look into the program and implement it, besides asking questions and see if we can work something up to bypass your situation. All these behaviors are signs of your interest in making the program work.
  • You should motivate the reason for your request. Don’t worry, it’s not like you have to make an elaborated essay or anything, we just want to make sure this is done for the right reasons, besides getting feedback on how to improve our services. If you are honest in your discomfort, you should not worry about this. Keep in mind elusive reasons like “I just don’t want to do the program” are not considered eligible for the refund.
  • Only one refund per client will be accepted.
  • The refund request must be sent to movimiento@proyectokinema.com, attaching the information outlined here plus the receipt you received when making the purchase, with the order number included.

I hope you understand that, given the nature of digital products, we must take extra precautions with our refunds. At any moment do we want this to be a limitation for honest people (like we are sure you are) for who the program is just not what they expected. We just want to keep fulfilling our mission of helping people who want to work with us-not in abstraction, but with real success stories.