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Have you ever been limited by your Joint health?

Whether in your training or in your everyday life, joints tends to charge most of the bearing of our body. Training injuries, daily stresses, training stimulus, all gather together so at some point they WILL create problems in one or various joints.

If you do not take care of them at the required moment, you may never be the same again. This program has the mission to prevent that.

This is the Kinema approach to Joint health. It includes:

  • Almost 100 high quality videos with instruction and demonstrations
  • A practical and a theory guide, to satisfy the action oriented person and the researcher one
  • Comprehensive explanations, guidance and support
  • A clear method to make this all super practical, safe and fun!

I still remember how frustrated I felt when I couldn’t practice movements I wanted, like the planche or the handstand, due the pain in my wrist. What you get with this program is a way to prevent to the maximum extent those experiences, and to use them to optimize your body whenever they come!

With this program you will learn:

  • How to prioritize different methods like mobilizations, myofascial releases or stretches, and how to adjust them to your unique situation
  • What to do with common problems like scapular instability, tendonitis, lower back pain or neck tension
  • A complete roadmap of fascial and acupressure points, to treat your body beyond muscles
  • What joint stability really means, and the huge ways it can impact your strength and flexibility
  • Why the approach of isolated muscles is insufficient, and what to do about it
  • How to bulletproof common problem areas like the wrist or the knees, for movement beyond fear
  • And much more!

I have devoted half a year to this project, based on extensive research but also application to myself and others. Here is what a nice beta tester had to said about the program:

“The method is very structured, one can see that many aspects and general deficiencies were considered, and common problems people have are dealt with. It is possible to see an effort to reduce the amount of exercises to make it more accesible for the majority of people, who doesn’t have lots of time.

I believe the organization of the method is very good and original, it has a focus oriented to what you feel is important and that is great, another good thing is that you provide many training options”

I want you to join us! I am very proud of this program, to me, its method is a very holistic one- not matched anywhere. What you get is the opportunity to change your body and life, of regaining the right to move beyond fear, of reclaiming the health and optimization experience that comes from a well balanced body. Never again let your joints be the limiting factor in your body!

Sadly, even people who are aware of the crucial importance Joint health plays in their overall quality of life, can get stuck with all the information noise they find when looking for simple stuff on the internet.

You are then faced with the choice: either take this as a part time job and start reading everything in sight about it (which doesn’t assures the confussion lowers-on the contrary, it can still leave you scratching your head) or just forget it all together, ignoring your body.

You don’t have to have a PhD to take care of your body, nor should you continue ignoring this minor injuries…Why accept pain, when life inside a body can feel great? What is the real definition of functionality, but to experience a body that is capable?

Let us help you with thator continue reading this Common questions

Will this program make me bulletproof? 

The approach of this program is to create joints that are capable of standing anything that you throw at them. Of course this won’t save you from falling from the stairs, but you would be surprise how much resilience can your joints offer.

What are the joints involved?

The program has individual sections for the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Neck, Spine, Hip, Knee and Ankle.

Will this help me if I have an injury?

If you have an structural injury like a broken ligament, this program can help in the rehabilitation process, but is in no way a substitute for a qualified professional that can see you hands on. The main approach of this program is to prevent those injuries, and to deal with functional injuries, where anything seems nice “under the X-rays” but it still hurts!

Can I do this program at home?

You can do this program by yourself and at home.

Will anything be shipped to me?

No. This is a digital program and all files (videos and pdfs) will be downloaded to your computer.

What is the necessary equipment?

Some recommended equipment is:

  • Elastic bands
  • Foam roller or lacrosse ball

At all times I encourage you to improvise with objects most people have like towels, so don’t worry about that! The most important thing equipment-wise is the elastic band, besides that, all you need is the commitment to better yourself.

I want to know more about the method involved.

If you still have more inquires, you can check this pdf (joint-health-ebook) where I explain in more detail the approach of this program. You could also have a look into our video list to check some previews from the course.

What is the benefit of this program over making my own research on the internet?

I am very open source and in fact I’ve share my reading list for anyone to see. If you want to read those books, be my guest, and if you do please come back to me and maybe we’ll do an article together. For the most part, I assure you reading random stuff on the internet will either make you very confuse or take you years to start grasping the key concepts, and I don’t think everybody can (or should) invest that much time in something they are not passionate about. If you come here is because you need organized quality info on Joint health, and I’ve done the work for you of understanding this stuff and share it in a way for you to just implement.

Is there support involved?

Yes, the moment you enrole in the program you will have access to a wiki where you’ll have full support regarding programing questions, safety inquires and form checks. No diagnosis will be made through this media. The details will be given to you once you place your order.

Is there a refund policy?

We offer a refund policy for all of our programs. You can check the details here.

So how much is all this going to cost? 

For information for a lifetime-a 30 dollars investment. This price will be there for a limited time, so don’t wait too long!

If you have more questions, feel free to ask at the contact section of this website.

Ready? Have access here->The Dynamic Structure